Don Budinger

Don Budinger

Chairman and Founding Director

The Rodel Foundation of Arizona is taking on some important new work. It is a natural next-step in our evolution and equipped with the insight and knowledge gained from years of work with talented educators, we are prepared to advance toward our goal. We intend to improve Arizona’s policy development model by taking the voice of the education community into the public policy domain and using it to bridge the gap between educators and policymakers.


Reflections on Rodel’s Work:

For the last 16 years, Rodel has invested its time, energy and resources to create and implement programs with a powerful purpose: to help make Arizona’s K-12 schools among the best in the country.

  • MAC-Ro started in 2002 as a pilot project in one county, one grade level, impacting 1,200 students. It grew to reach ten counties, six grade levels and over 65,000 students.
  • In 2010, with the adoption of more rigorous math standards, MAC-Ro evolved into Math 20/20; an intensive, systemic professional development model that increases teacher content knowledge and builds a supportive ecosystem.
  • Today, Math 20/20 is improving the practice of almost 700 teachers, math coaches, principals and superintendents in nine counties and raising the math proficiency of over 20,000 students in grades K-6.
  • The Rodel Exemplary Teacher and Principal Initiatives have tackled the shortage of effective teachers and leaders in Arizona’s neediest schools by training and mentoring hundreds of talented educators dedicated to improving student achievement.
  • 87% of the student teachers mentored by Rodel Exemplary Teachers are still teaching and 81% are teaching in high-needs schools.
  • Of the 150 aspiring principals mentored by Rodel Exemplary Principals, over one-third of them have already become principals.

The Rodel Principal Initiative and the Math 20/20 Program are being led by our partner, the Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA). For more information and details, follow the links in the text below to MCESA’s website.

New Initiative Partnerships

We are pleased to announce that the Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA) is now leading the Math 2020 Program and the Rodel Exemplary Principal initiative

Principal Initiative

The program will keep the Rodel name and content, only the training provider will change. Follow the link below for more information about MCESA, seminars and the continuation of the Rodel Exemplary Principal initiative.

Math 20/20

MCESA has been our trusted delivery partner for Math 20/20 since its inception. They share our belief in the value and impact of high-quality professional mathematics instruction for students, teachers and school leaders alike.

Math 20/20 will retain the Rodel name and content with MCESA supporting and augmenting the delivery of the program.  

Follow the link below for more information about MCESA and the Rodel Math 20/20 initiative.

Teacher Initiative

Our transition brings with it the completion of the Rodel Exemplary Teacher initiative.  The best practices developed will live on and evolve to achieve maximum impact.


Math Power Book

Orders for digital (PDF) versions of the book are available at both the iTunes bookstore and on Amazon. Follow the links below to purchase digital versions of the Math Power Book for your tablet or phone. Hard copies are not available at this time.