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Dedicated educators like you are a key to raising student achievement. At Rodel, we design initiatives that help teachers be more effective math educators, honor the best of the best, and help mentor those who strive for the principalship.

Math 20/20

Math 20/20 engages teachers and school leaders by taking a systemic approach to transforming the teaching and learning of math based on Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics. The unique combination of intensive professional learning for teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators is accompanied by ongoing support and student materials to offer school districts the opportunity to embed quality mathematics teaching into the system’s culture. In partnership with the Regional Service Centers, Math 20/20 seeks to transform the quality of math education throughout Arizona.

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Rodel Exemplary Teacher Initiative

Are you getting amazing results with your students? At Rodel, we don’t just want to honor you for your success, we want you to share your talent to prepare the next generation of teaches.

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Rodel Exemplary Principal Initiative

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of students, teachers and families in your community? You can prepare to become a principal by learning from the best in the profession, a Rodel Exemplary Principal mentor.

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