Nomination materials for 2017 Rodel Exemplary Principals will be available here in August 2016. Superintendents or charter holder representatives are invited to nominate their best principals of schools in high-need communities.


Data FAQs


The Rodel Exemplary Principal Initiative is designed to identify top school principals who will mentor the next generation of school leaders. Principals who have made measurable differences in the lives of their students, parents, staff and local high-need communities will be considered for this distinction.


Selection Criteria

Superintendents may nominate candidates who:

  • have served a minimum of three years as a principal and are currently at a school where 50 percent or more of the students are eligible for participation in the free or reduced-price school lunch program (FRL% of feeder schools may be considered to determine program qualification);
  • have a documented history of high student achievement, as measured by required summative assessment data, for a minimum of three years;
  • ensure a safe campus environment that supports a respectful culture focused on teaching and learning;
  • utilize data to guide instruction and decisions regarding staff development;
  • actively engage parents and the community in the education of their child;
  • indicate a commitment to remain an active administrator for a minimum of two additional years;
  • demonstrate the ability to successfully develop and inspire others; and
  • have the skill-set and a strong desire to mentor and train aspiring principals.


Selection Process

  • Nominations will be reviewed by Rodel’s selection team with strong consideration placed on the most recent three years of student achievement data, including Arizona A-F Letter Grade status, school culture, annual attendance rate, and for high schools, four-year graduation and annual dropout rate.
  • A team from Rodel will conduct site visits for selected semifinalists. Site visits will include an interview with the principal, selected staff, a campus tour and classroom walkthroughs.
  • Finalists will be identified and featured in social media and through our partnership with local newspapers.


Mentoring Responsibilities

During their two-year commitment, a Rodel Exemplary Principal will:

  • attend all required Rodel training seminars. Seminars are held throughout the school year with an attempt to keep campus disruption to a minimum. Generally, Rodel schedules four to five trainings annually;
  • mentor and support the assigned cohort of Aspiring Principals;
  • develop and present at Aspiring Principal professional development seminars;
  • host school visits and other mentorship events for Aspiring Principals, and
  • initiate and support consistent contact and constructive feedback to Aspiring Principals.