News from the Arizona Daily Star

3 Tucson principals named Rodel finalists

By Alexis Huicochea, Arizona Daily Star:
The leaders of three Tucson schools are being recognized for their ability to develop high-achieving campuses in communities that many would consider to be challenging.

Alicia Alvarez of Alta Vista High School, Cristela Cardenas of Gallego Basic Elementary School and Christine Sullivan of La Cima Middle School have been named 2015 Rodel Exemplary Principal finalists…


Two Yuma principals semifinalists for statewide award

By Sarah Womer, Yuma Sun:
Two principals from the Crane Elementary School District were recently named semifinalists in the search for the 2015 Rodel Exemplary Principals.

Mesquite Elementary School principal Connie Jerpseth and Crane Middle School principal Kari Neumann were the only two semifinalists from Yuma to be selected based on their recommendations and student performance data.

Student Writing Out Problem

Why Math?

Studies show that at every socioeconomic level, children with involved parents perform better in school. As parents and family members, we play a vital role in raising our children and teaching them how to be successful throughout their lives. Our influence remains important before, during, and after the school day because our kids are always…

News from the Arizona Daily Star

Betterton gets Rodel recognition for challenging kids

By Alexis Huicochea, Arizona Daily Star:
In Brittany Betterton’s classroom expectations are high. Students are on task, they are engaged, they are using higher-level vocabulary and thinking critically. Never mind that her students are 5 and 6 years old. The Elvira Elementary School kindergarten teacher has developed strong, consistent routines, creating an environment that appears to run effortlessly…

Meet the 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers

The Rodel Foundation of Arizona is proud to announce that 11 outstanding Arizona educators have been named 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers. These teachers, representing the best in the state, will each be asked to mentor high-potential student teachers from Arizona colleges of education. What sets the Rodel Teacher Initiative apart from typical student teaching programs…

News from the Arizona Daily Sun

Rodel finalist Carrie Jenkins: Bringing science to life

By Michelle McManimon, Arizona Daily Sun:
Jenkins has 19 years in education, including two years as a sixth-grade teacher, 13 years as a middle school science teacher and two years as a middle school teacher for English language learners. This year, the Rodel Foundation of Arizona named her a finalist for its annual Exemplary Teacher Award…

News from the Arizona Daily Star

Skills handed down put Maxwell on Rodel fast track

By Alexis Huicochea, Arizona Daily Star:
Brianna Maxwell comes from a long line of educators starting with her great-great-grandparents. Though Maxwell considers herself to be genetically bred to be a teacher, being exposed to the challenges of the profession led her at one point to consider another career pathway. Fortunately for the children at Laguna Elementary School, Maxwell could not fight what was destined to be, and with only 7½ years of teaching under her belt, the 29-year-old is being honored as a 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teacher.

News from the Arizona Daily Sun

Katrina Collins: Making learning fun

By Michelle McManimon, Arizona Daily Sun:
Collins has 12 years of experience in education, including four years as a preschool teacher and eight years as a first-grade teacher at Kinsey. Her bright smile and enthusiasm were part of the reason Collins was selected this year as one of Rodel’s Exemplary Teachers…

News from the Arizona Daily Star

Outreach to kids, parents make Robles a Rodel winner

By Alexis Huicochea, Arizona Daily Star:
When Marnie Robles steps in front of her students, she is on a mission to ensure they are learning. The Cavett Elementary School teacher is now being honored as a 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teacher, an award that recognizes educators for outstanding student achievement in high-poverty schools, effective classroom practices and their potential to be outstanding mentors to future teachers…

News-AZ Republic

7 Phoenix-area teachers named Rodel Exemplary Teachers

Arizona Republic:
Seven teachers in Maricopa County, including in Phoenix, Glendale and Mesa, and 12 across the state were named a Rodel Exemplary Teacher.

The Scottsdale-based Rodel Foundation of Arizona annually selects extraordinary teachers and asks them to mentor high-potential student teachers. The teachers are selected based on their students’ achievement in high-needs schools, principal recommendations and observations by Rodel officials.