Quickly and easily help your child with math homework.
Packed with content matched to Arizona’s mathematics standards.

What is the Math Power Book?


How to Use the Book

Help your child master math, even if
you haven’t been in a math class in years!

This book was designed for parents and families who want to help their children make sense of math. Arizona’s math standards haven’t changed the way math works, but there may be terms that are new to you and multiple ways of solving problems. Instead of memorizing facts and formulas, students are being challenged to think about what a math problem is asking them to solve; the thinking is as important as getting the right answer, so help them engage in thinking!

Start by deciding what the problem is about: is it addition, subtraction, multiplication or division? Then look up that topic in the index. The color of the topic in the index matches the color on the sides of the book that cover that topic. For example, if the problem involves addition, go to the pink pages!

Math concepts build from the simple to the more complex. This book covers math concepts introduced in first grade all the way through sixth grade. Sometimes it helps to refresh the simpler concepts before trying to solve harder problems. Use this book to move forward or backwards, whatever it takes to get to that wonderful “Aha” moment!

Math Tips for Parents from Our Team

Student Writing Out Problem

Why Math?

Studies show that at every socioeconomic level, children with involved parents perform better in school. As parents and family members, we play a vital role in raising our children and teaching them how to be successful throughout their lives. Our influence remains important before, during, and after the school day because our kids are always…

Students Working at Table

Keeping a Positive Outlook

Did you know that you are your child’s first teacher? That connection puts you in a prime position to have an influence on their academic development before and after school, during summer break, even during the school day! That’s right, you are an essential ingredient in ensuring your child’s success in school and in life.…

Math Symbols

Math Just Got Easier

Through the years, we’ve heard from Arizona parents about how challenging it is to help their children with math homework. We all know math can create a lot of anxiety. Recently we published a math guide for families, Math Power: Simple Solutions for Mastering Math. We want to help you feel comfortable with math so…

Why is Math so Important?

Early Math Skills Are An Important Predictor of Later Student Success

Math Paves the Road to a Brighter Future

Research shows that children who master elementary school math are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. Elementary school math proficiency sets students on a path to future success in all subjects, not just in math!

Tomorrow′s Jobs Depend on Math

We don’t know what jobs our children will be competing for since they may involve technologies not yet invented but we can be sure that the highest paying jobs will require a strong math background. Elementary school math is the gateway not only to higher level math but also to science, engineering and technology. To make sure our children are ready for the future, math is fundamental!

What You Think and Say about Math Makes a Difference

Research shows that math anxiety is contagious. Especially for young children, the attitude a parent has about math has a strong influence on how they feel. The most important thing you can do to help your child be successful in math is to make sure they believe they can learn math and believe that you can too!