The Rodel Foundation of Arizona is pleased to announce that five of our leaders will begin this school year with new assignments as we continue to work toward a better education system in Arizona.

Howard Paley has been named Chief Operating Officer, and will oversee all three of Rodel’s initiatives to ensure excellence and fidelity across the organization. Paley joined the Rodel Foundation of Arizona in 2009, and holds degrees in education from University of Nevada-Las Vegas and NAU. Prior to Rodel, he spent 25 years as a public school educator and administrator, and was named as a 2008 Rodel Exemplary Principal.

Dr. Kimberly Rimbey has been named Chief Learning Officer and will work with regional and state agencies and organizations to impact the teaching and learning of mathematics throughout Arizona. Dr. Rimbey joined Rodel in 2006, and holds a Ph.D. in mathematics education from ASU. Prior to Rodel, she was a well-recognized district math coordinator, math specialist and classroom teacher.

Dora Barrio has been named Administrator of Educational Initiatives and will coordinate and implement all educational initiatives at Rodel. Barrio joined Rodel in 2003; she left for five years to serve as turn-around-school principal in the Fowler School District before returning in 2011. She holds degrees from Western New Mexico University, has been an adjunct instructor at NAU, and was recognized as an AZHSAA Outstanding Administrator.

Sylvia Mejia has been named Director of MAC-Ro and will oversee the daily operations and statewide implementation for the MAC-Ro Math Initiative. Mejia joined Rodel in 2010, and holds degrees in education from ASU and NAU. She is a veteran of the U.S. Army and taught in the Casa Grande Elementary School district before serving as a principal and then as superintendent in the Toltec Elementary District.

Chryste Berda has been named Administrator of MAC-Ro Curriculum and Professional Development, and will oversee the development of all MAC-Ro curriculum and professional learning opportunities.  Chryste joined Rodel in 2012, and holds three degrees in education from Western Oregon University’s Honors Program and ASU. Prior to Rodel, she taught elementary, middle and high school for 15 years.

“We are proud to recognize these individuals for their contributions to Rodel. Their new responsibilities reflect our commitment to advancing the whole of Arizona’s education system and to partnering with others who share our vision,” said Rodel President and CEO Jackie Norton. ###

The Rodel Foundation of Arizona’s vision is for Arizona to have one of the best pre-kindergarten through grade 12 educational systems in the country by 2020. For more information on the Foundation’s mission and initiatives, contact Rodel at 480-367-2920 or visit