Yuma principal wins Rodel education honor

By Sarah Womer, Yuma Sun: http://www.yumasun.com/news/yuma-principal-wins-rodel-education-honor/article_be557ec8-92f9-11e4-a5d8-5befda464528.html
A Yuma principal was recently chosen as a Rodel Exemplary Principal for 2015.

Mesquite Elementary School Principal Connie Jerpseth was named one of eight principals in the state to receive the honor from the Rodel Foundation of Arizona. She joins five other principals in Maricopa County and two in Tucson to receive the title.


Yuma native receives teaching honor

By Sarah Womer, Yuma Sun: http://www.yumasun.com/news/yuma-native-receives-teaching-honor/article_7be4a350-a4ee-11e4-a8b5-43278c44a54f.html
A Yuma-native teaching in Tucson was recently named one of 12 Rodel Exemplary Teachers in Arizona for 2015. While the Rodel Exemplary Teacher program does not currently serve the Yuma area, Rodel representatives shared that they are gearing up to get the program up and running in the local area for next year to ensure that Yuma teachers are also honored through the initiative…

West Valley Educators Do Us Proud with Achievements

Talented West Valley educators continue to earn statewide recognition for their achievements at area schools. In November, Amanda McAdams, a 10th-grade English teacher at Apollo High School in Glendale, was named 2011 Teacher of the Year by the Arizona Educational Foundation. And this week, seven principals with West Valley ties were among 14 educators named…

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Walter Douglas Elementary teacher’s classroom goal: change the world

By Alexis Huicochea, Arizona Daily Star: http://tucson.com/news/local/education/walter-douglas-elementary-teacher-s-classroom-goal-change-the-world/article_05e08c05-cfe3-5581-8d58-925f034d4ce8.html
A student at the University of Arizona, Barber would major in anthropology, minor in French and move to Africa to change the world. Now 29, Barber did go on a journey — one that would land her in a Flowing Wells classroom rather than across the globe — but her mission remains the same…

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Veronica Villegas empowering students

By Michelle McManimon, Arizona Daily Sun: http://azdailysun.com/news/local/education/veronica-villegas-empowering-students/article_24c09a2a-5bde-11e3-9f0f-001a4bcf887a.html
Villegas is one of three local middle school teachers being honored by the Rodel Foundation of Arizona. Rodel decided to focus on elementary and middle school teachers this year. Out of 40 semifinalists, 11 were named this past week as Rodel Exemplary Teachers for 2014. Two winners and one finalist were selected from Flagstaff…


Two Yuma principals semifinalists for statewide award

By Sarah Womer, Yuma Sun: http://www.yumasun.com/news/two-yuma-principals-semifinalists-for-statewide-award/article_0c1ccf04-7c47-11e4-a9f5-f7e986d4a9d3.html
Two principals from the Crane Elementary School District were recently named semifinalists in the search for the 2015 Rodel Exemplary Principals.

Mesquite Elementary School principal Connie Jerpseth and Crane Middle School principal Kari Neumann were the only two semifinalists from Yuma to be selected based on their recommendations and student performance data.


Two Yuma principals named state Rodel award finalists

By Sarah Womer, Yuma Sun: http://www.yumasun.com/two-yuma-principals-named-state-rodel-award-finalists/article_9bf5d51d-45ed-5b98-9b31-0dcf0084761c.html
Two Yuma principals that were previously selected as semifinalists in the statewide 2012 Rodel Exemplary Principal Initiative have now been named finalists. Kofa High School Principal Gina Thompson and Alice Byrne Elementary School Principal Juli Peach were two of 17 principals selected by the Rodel Foundation of Arizona after an in-depth interview process. After the candidates were nominated by their district superintendent, researchers then reviewed the nominations, combed through school data, visited the campuses and interviewed the candidates as well as their teachers and staff…

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Tucson teacher excites kids about math

By Alexis Huicochea, Arizona Daily Star: http://tucson.com/news/local/education/tucson-teacher-excites-kids-about-math/article_14c2f354-9a4c-5f30-a2e5-83006e4ef195.html
When Polly Kimminau talks about math, she lights up. But it wasn’t always that way for the veteran Amphitheater math teacher. She recalls struggling early on in her education, but that all changed her sophomore year at Sabino High School when she met teacher Rick Hamilton…

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Top teacher Monique Peralta says she’s still learning on the job

By Alexis Huicochea, Arizona Daily Star: http://azstarnet.com/news/local/education/top-teacher-monique-peralta-says-she-s-still-learning-on/article_6bdc74eb-63c6-57f8-ba3b-df6124949404.html
Peralta prides herself on making connections with her students — understanding their needs and figuring out how she can best guide them in their learning.
Her efforts have paid off with high student achievement scores and being recognized as a 2014 Rodel Exemplary Teacher. The award recognizes teachers who make a difference in high-poverty schools. Carrillo serves 308 students, more than 70 percent of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch…