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MAC-Ro Program Adds Up to Higher SAT-9 and AIMS Math Scores

Arizona schools participating in the Math Achievement Club by Rodel (MAC-Ro) program are experiencing unprecedented gains in math achievement scores, leading the Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona  to expand the initiative this year to 13,000 students attending 70 schools in 31 districts across five counties in Arizona. A recent study by the University of Arizona…


Rodel Hires Program Administrator, Communication Specialist

The Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona is pleased to announce the hiring of Michael Rivera as program administrator and Frieda Pollack as communication specialist. As program administrator, Rivera will be working to expand the Rodel Teacher Initiative and the Math Achievement Club by Rodel. Rivera brings to Rodel ten years of experience as a junior…



MAC-Ro pilot leads to increased math achievement in high-poverty schools Stanford 9 scores released last week by the Arizona Department of Education show that schools where the Math Achievement Club by Rodel, or MAC-Ro, was introduced showed significant increases in student achievement. Rodel Foundation President and CEO, Carol G. Peck, expects, “This is only the…