Our Work

Focus on Facts

To inform and improve decision making.

Arizona Public Education at a Glance

A starting point for conversations about K-12 education; essential statistics combined with historical context. A reminder of our past, an acknowledgment of our present and a vision of our future.


Research-based and demand-driven, our programs tackled urgent needs.

Math Achievement Club by Rodel


A fun and engaging approach for elementary school students to master the essential foundations of math literacy. MAC-Ro helped raise math achievement scores for tens of thousands of students in urban and rural communities across Arizona.

Rodel Exemplary Teacher

Rodel Exemplary Teacher

Recognizing extraordinary teachers serving students in high-poverty schools and enlisting them to mentor student teachers created a pipeline of educators who were ready to enter the classroom as confident and competent professionals.

Rodel Exemplary Principal

Rodel Exemplary Principal

Honoring the role of school leaders in creating a culture of student success, Rodel trained the next generation of principals for high-need schools.

Math 20-20

Math 20/20

Rodel developed a systemic approach to teaching and learning math that combined intensive professional development for teachers, supportive student materials and district-wide engagement, all designed to transform the quality of math education in Arizona.


Working with others who share our mission allows Rodel to accomplish more, achieve greater results and benefit more students.

All As for Arizona

All A’s for Arizona

Committed to improving communication and collaboration, Rodel convened leaders from different parts of the community to focus on improving education in Arizona.

Lead with Five

Lead With Five

The report was published in 2005 but the strategies it proposed remain relevant to today’s ongoing debate about effective resource allocation.

Bert A Getz Center for Collaborative Philanthropy

Bert A. Getz Center for Collaborative Philanthropy

Named in honor of an early champion of collaboration, the Center is devoted to the idea of working together to advance innovative ideas.