Susan Budinger

Founding Director

Susan Budinger is a passionate advocate for education and the emotional well-being of children and adults. In 1999 she helped found and design the Rodel Foundations. Before the formation of the Foundations, Budinger worked in sales, marketing, human resources and general management for Rodel, Inc., a manufacturer of textiles and chemicals used in the production of semiconductors and other precision surfaces worldwide. She began her career in advertising in NYC.


Budinger is also a founding board member of Authentic Connections Foundation, which supports the well-being of mothers in high demand careers. She is a board member of the Hoffman Institute Foundation and Vice Chair of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware. She is a past board member of the Arizona Community Foundation, the Arizona Early Education Funds, The Ellis Center for Educational Excellence and Phoenix Country Day School. In 2008 Arizona Governor Napolitano appointed her to the Arizona P – 20 Council. Budinger has an M.A. in developmental psychology from Arizona State University and a B.A. in mathematics and economics from Hamilton College. She is the mother of two children, who are recent graduates of the University of Arizona and Claremont McKenna College.